More tattoo flash from Evolved More tattoo flash from Evolved

More tattoo flash from Evolved

More tattoo flash from Evolved. Plus, we are excited to announce another cool bit of information. In addition to Evolved’s resident artists, we are super stoked to announce that Luis Villagomez is here for the next two weeks and is confirmed to be tattooing at Awesomefest!

Not only is Luis a great tattoo artist, he is also a vintage Star Wars toys expert.

You can check out some of his collection at the official Star Wars website -

and at Rebel Scum -

Luis has also tattooed many, many Star Wars images and was featured in the book -
The Force in The Flesh.

The First of the Star Wars Tattoo Flash

These are Katrina’s (from Evolved) designs. More from other artists coming soon. Make sure to register today and start raising support

Support Letter

Above is a support letter that you are welcome to use in raising support for your participation in Awesomefest 2011. If you need a higher res version of the letter, please email

Official Awesomefest 2011 Logo

Special thanks to Dylan Menges who came up with this badassssss design.  Also, registration is now live.  We are doing things a bit different this year so we can raise even more money for the kinds of Asia’s Hope.  Awesomefest will not be collecting a dime from you this year.  Instead, we are allowing the riders to raise sponsors to support them.  Simply have your donors to and select their level of giving (ranging from $25-$250).  

On the day of the event, we will supply drinks and the movies.  There will be food vendors there for lunch and dinner so bring cash.  Evolved will once again be doing the inking and there will be a range of tattoo designs for those with money or size restrictions.

Finally, the t-shirt design is currently in production by the amazing Colin Rigsby of Hard Labor design and will soon be unveiled.  Once they are up on the website, you will have until June 30th to order them.  A very limited few will be available on the day of the event.